Friday, September 26, 2008

Sexy Virgins: Adrianna Lima

Adrianna Lima, a Brazilian Victoria's Secret angel/ model.

She's a well known virgin waiting till marriage. She is a devoted Catholic and attends Church every sunday and even said to read her bible backstage during modeling jobs. She's only 27 y'all!!!!

Lima says, "They [men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me."

She's too hot, I'm scared of looking at her on the runway, in a commercial or magazine spread. She one of those people guys and ladies alike drool over. She's been on 'hottest' and 'most desireable' girls rankings in Maxim, and Spike TV Guy's choice. DUH!

Imma be buying VS underwear just to look like her and for my wedding ephizzy as well. LOL!

So I'm not the only one waiting till marriage so it feels good. So, maybe I should consider modeling for VS. Nah!

Courtesy: Hollywood gisters, Naijasutra's blog, Wikipedia. Or Google her!

Guys, pics might be too hot for you Just warning ahead! Lol!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The first kiss and ex.

Hmm, 16 years. I wasn't quite happy. Thats a lie, but at least I knew what it felt like.

Met him at one of those holiday lesson kinda place.Had a crush on the guy or kinda liked him. We talked almost everyday and he called me "his girl" but the dude never asked me out aka no commitment, He was going to university in the States the next week and begged that we see. By the way, our 6 month relationship was purely cellphone based. Not because of my curfews but because I was kinda suspicious along the way.

So close to the time he was leaving, I tried to just quit any investing of puppy emotions for him but it was hard. He came to visit me in a place I hung out and we talked for a bit after not seeing each other for a while. I had to rush back home and then, just like that it happened. He pulled me close and planted his small lips on mine. I pushed him lightly and he wanted to go on since he wouldn't see me again (so American highschool summer fling-ish...not in Abuja dearie!). I don't know why I let him for 3 more seconds pushed him and ran down the stairs to leave the building. he sent me a text saying "F*&$ Ur beautiful and when we kissed, i swear....blah blah."

The next time I saw him, I promise you devil na winch, I let him kiss me again and then he entered full makeout mode with his hands tryna go the wrong direction and I really pushed him with a "don't touch my assets!" reaction. I sent him a text later that he wasn't what I thought he was a and he's reaction "don't people that like eachother makeout?" My qualms was that he called me his girl but never asked me out officially and was gonna leave Nigeria in a week so GOODY goody or not no Makeouts from any 16yr old girl who supposedly hates boys.

I felt raped. Considering where i stood on morals and standards, I never planned this would ever happen to me. I thought it was for silly girls only so I cried, was restless and felt used and abused. Now, i thank God he opened my eyes and i can't say I regret the experience.

After he left 9ja, he called my like once in 3months. I just fashed him until one day we were chatting online and he starts telling me he really liked me and didn't see any girls and accused me of thinking that he wanted to sleep with me. Then he told me he never wanted to have anthing to do with me. Hiss!! Jerk-mode! Thats By the way. (More gist on this guy!)

A FEW YEARS AFTER, I'm over the whole fling-situation and have a respectful boo.

Once you pop you can't stop. Now, I'm way too comfortable snogging my babe though I always try to remain within the proper limits.

Citing this example, Lord, please lemme abstain till marriage! No popping for me!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Virgin from Abuja

So, I decided the word virgin sparks too much I dunno and decided to stick with maiden which I found on as well as words like celibate, damsel, undefiled, intact, unexplored and pristine. Wow! I was starting to believe it was a bad thing. Well it shouldn't be a big deal as in seriously. I read Thisday Style a while ago and a letter was sent in from someone called Virgin Nigeria. Apparently there aren't too many left considering our very holier than thou attitudes when it come to issues like... you know all the issues where hypocrisy is the norm.

Damn! I sound serious but I just wanna write a fun blog about living the life first for religious reasons. I call my self a person of a certain religion (Christianity) then I better live the life if not its kinda pointless. Second, I have an issue with guys as in I can't think of why "I should give body-body" cuz na "soji-soji" will happen. LOl @ psquares song!

But unless you're absolutely worth it which means u carry the same status as me: UNEXPLORED!! and THE RING TOO! Meaning I won't date or get seriously emotional with someone who is not on the same page as me.

Welcome to my blog. Another experiment to release whats lurking in my head and heart. Too many times I find it hard to relate to issues in some blogs not because I'm a (i forgot the word) but appreciate and love my choices and won't change them to fit in with society so anyone in my shoes can relate to this blog. I hope you read on my experiences.

The young virgin from Abuja.