Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Blogs and taking a break

They might not be new but I only started reading and I love already!

Ready dee: (tags- sex, abuse, marriage, first times, virginity) You'll like if you like Aloted, Writefreak, Solomonsydelle and Oluwadee!!! Hehe

Phat girl-

Sorry, I need to fast from blogville for many reasons including the time of the year when work is at its peak...Till I return (in some months time)!!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The other man

One hard thing about having a boyfriend that I haven't seen in over 6 weeks is the temptation factor.

During that 'no seeing' period, to I was at a party and I met this guy. He was a DJ and some of my friends were hosting the party. I dunno whether he was mixing business with pleasure but I left the dancehall to a quieter lounge (so I could call boo) and he came and joined me (boo's phone was unavailable) then the DJ and I started talking.

I think communication can be my strenght because I probably wowed the brother with information after 'random' interesting gist because he wasn't expecting me to gist with him about the middle of nowhere country he originally comes from...hehe, lol!

He gave me his phone to enter my 'contact' so he could add me as a facebook friend and send pictures of the party. He added me asap, I saw his pictures and the guy fine sha, just very narcissistic with an abundance of sezzy pictures, and chics.

To 'amebo' outsiders, I got game until I broke the news to them. It was merely business. I didn't give him my number. He never even emailed the pictures and I didn't ask.

He is 'in a relationship' on facebook.

Whatever!!!! I have a boyfriend.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Going private or quitting

I think I should be going private pretty soon or quiting blogville all together.

It's the same reasons as others.

Happy Easter!!!!

All the same, God is Love and True Love Waits!

Maiden all the way from Abuja.

post your emails incase sha.

Friday, April 3, 2009

So I didn't grind him...

Kini big deal?

continued from my last...

Anyway I was at another party where the DJ played mostly crunk and hip hop I was definitely in my dance mode with a bunch of other girls when a few guys joined in and disappeared with some of the girls to their quiet grinding corners.

Girls can be wicked when guys are thrown in the equation.

So, this my so-called acquaintance who's my best guy friend during the week (we rarely talk during weekends) comes to dance. As my buddy, I danced without even thinking; facing him just enjoying myself without bothering if he was in front of me or not. He vexed and wanted me to turn around. Oya o! I turned but lai lai, I'm a temple. Ok, I was just having fun dutty whining and cranking Soujah-boy, didn't having to be all over his thighs.

(He dey crase think say I no get sense).

I continued dancing mindlessly with no body contact (though in my mind I was just laughing at the deprived poor guy...!) Thing is 80% of the girls there would jump at the opportunity to dance with this dude. Apparently he is some hot somebody. Sha, I saw a friend and ran to say hi. I'm sure he was singing praises.

Okay, this guy can be stand out as a man-skank during parties (take it from me. I'll rather he get paid for the lap dances he gives those his girls, then he can concentrate on that side hustle not my inability to satisfy his grindly desires). The music started crunking my head for me and I left. Later I saw (in a bulletin) that he was leading/ preaching at evening service in our school church (I'm still trying not to judge oh!)

From Monday till Friday, we'll see hug, talk about personal issues and once people even thought we were dating. We rarely talk during weekend parties. Now he has a girlfriend so I'm free of grind-threats... though he's hardly faithful to her in that department.