Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moansss, moanss, moans

Poor Abujamaiden had to endure almost 2 hours of advance moaning. At first I thought the folk next door were just watching a movie but NO, they weren't. I could hear the TV and I could hear human beings both of them.

Just plain torture, and shock 'biko' I've never heard these things. I'm fortunate to have lived around discreet, private beings so I had to leave the room and forfeit my Sunday afternoon nap. I joined some freshmen girls to watch X-men in the common room. I wanted to call the room's land line (lucky them I didn't find the number), or knock on the door (we're allowed to knock to tell neighbours to shush-it).

I text boo to inform him about my afternoon and he either was too slow to understand or he didn't want us talking about some one's sex life. Parasitic I must say since they deprived me of my fundamental human right to sleep after church service.

I love my privacy too much now I have to look at this girl in class and in the dorm with only moaning sounds playing in my head.

I have to sleep early now due to lack of napping.

They are currently still making noise (5hours later) but only laughing with the TV on. I have to find out who the guy coming to my dorm to disrupt my sleep is. In fact, I'm gonna knock on the door and give it to them 9ja style.

***Update: They resumed moaning an hour after I finished typing this post. I got the room number and called. Imagine the guy picked after it rang 6 times. I could even hear the phone ringing. I interrupted the mugus and told them to "reduce the volume please." Just when I stepped outside to drink water, the guy came out from her room in his boxers (you can't co-habit after midnight in my dorm). And the fish head just looked like he was playing video games.

Have a blessed week everyone.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

L-word Update...I'm in LOVE with

Blogville is my love oh! I decided to do this post as a response to some of the comments I got from the last post on Love and its definition. I'm not eager for boo to say he loves me neither do I think I'm in love with him talk less of saying what other 'small-girls' have said to him. A blogger once commented saying that I was in love hence the motivation to post on the dilemma surrounding the L-word.

My response to most of the comments is in bold. Feel free to continue commenting.

Riri said...
aww,,the L word shall come when the time is right! and you're right people just say they love other people just to feel mature its all lust..lolxx

Yea, its lust I guess. Whenever the time is right

doll said...
any guy that says I luv u within 6 months of meeting me/ dating me is disqualified….d longer it takes 2 say it d surer I am, that u mean it wen u say it…so savor d anticipation of d moment

We've been dating for over a year. I'm not even ready for it. The right time, please,better not be now. I have a degree to complete.

soul child said...
don't worry he would say long as he cares about u and is not messing up...saying i love u is not just an obligation ..ppl think because their in a relationship..they have to say it even if they dont mean it...the L word is losing its authenticity...

Like I said in my post, I was wondering why I wasn't rushing to say I loved him when his girlfriend (when he was 17-18 years) and she was like 16 told him she loved him and here I am. He's now over 21 and I'm not feeling love like his teenage ex.

aloted said...
Hmm...gosh this post just brought back some teenage "He loves me, he loves me not" memories! Ok first of all I don’t blame him for not saying the L word immediately because that word has been debased in some many ways. At the same time I don’t expect him to rub it in your face that “I wont be saying the L word any time soon so don’t hold your breath”. I want to believe he is not doing that. My definition of love can be found in 1cor 13. Love can reveal itself in different forms but the foundation from 1cor 13: 4-8 should be there.Actions surely speaks louder than words, so as long as his actions are showing he loves and respects u...don’t sweat it...the words will come later. The L word should come without fear...There is no fear in love.Also did u say you were under are still very young so take your time in this love matter cuz u still have many many more years to love. Guard your heart. Make friends, face your studies and have hobbies and be close to God. I am glad both of you are keeping yourselves till you get married…that way if it does not work out all is not lost.Question for you- if he says I love u today (I also don’t recommend u saying it first) would u be able to say I love u too back to him. Ok this comment is becoming very long…..God bless!

God Bless you madam Aloted. The post was more of a question. I stated how i felt about him, many of my friends would just say "you love him," but I won't admit it (I can't believe now is the time for love). I just wanted someone to tell me that my opinion was right that I could really care about someone, share the same beliefs as them, be their friend and NOT love them (except girlfriends and family).

I have a huge head on my body so school comes first, If i didn't care about him so much, I'd rather we weren't dating until I finished with school. He's mature and very responsible, and a great friend. Love can wait.

He wasn't really rubbing it in my face that was like 3yrs ago we weren't a serious couple. He was explaining that he won't throw the word at me or anyone because Love is what you feel for only one person. I was fresh outta secondary school then and I'm actually happy he told me that.

If he tells me he loves me, I wouldn't say it back 'now.'

Funms-the rebirth said...
Aloted has said everything........ I'm sure when hes ready, he'll say it.... don't stress about it... enjoy what u guys r sharing now

I'm enjoying what we have which is puppy love. Sha, I'm not anxious. Dude should just wait until I graduate/ get a life so I don't quit school now because Love is shacking me.

Teeee said...
I agree with you that love is a feeling but it also stands the test of time. Furthermore, love is natural -maybe you're relationship still has to grow. Are you sure he said it and you weren't listening?

Teeee, na wa oh! No he didn't say it. When we first took a break he said he thought he was in love with someone (fit the puzzle he meant me) but our relationship is still growing so I hope he didn't say it.

Beyond said...
I think love is more about the feeling n action rather than the word of the mouth. I will prefer a say say the L-word when he actually means it rather than saying it cos that's what he's expected or suppose to say...Have a great weekend.

At least if there's a teeny bit of love in me, I won't screw up by admitting or even saying it even if he's said it already. I also wrote that it was the actions that mattered not the words in the post (so you're right).

yankeenaijababe said...
Love is when he gives you the last sushi or meat on his plate. How about that. You know every guy loves food and if he is willing to give you the last...he he he. You have found a good thing. Did that help?Enjoy every moment spent with each other... the LOVE thing would just pop.

Unfortunately, I don't eat sushi (hehehe).

Original Mgbeke said...
Ah, me I no sabi wetin Love be o. I've never really experienced it.I think it will come in it's own rush am.

Temite said... Me sef dont know what Love is o dear. I guess love is when you really look out for the person more than anyone else. We're in the same shoes. I'm not anxious to experience love. I have enough time.

I can totally relate. I'm experiencing the 'puppy' version.

Rita said...
Aloted took some words out of my fingers:-) Love is deep. It is one of the sweetest things to imagine and experience. It comes in different forms and it is in everyone (in different degrees) because we are of God who is Love.You can read more about love in some of these links:

Off to read....

Writefreak said...
Hmmm...i agree the L word has been over used and overrated, people claim to be in love all the time then they say they've fallen out of love...real love endures the test of time. Ok as a married person this is what i would say love is, a commitment, a knowing in your heart that this is the person i want to be with all my life and doing all you can to protect the relationship> Read 1Corinthains 13 and you will get a clear definition of love,the God kinda love, so long as you have those evident in your relationship, then you can confidently say you're in love..Love never fails and it overcomes all trials...yeah it does.

I'm glad you have agreed to keep yourself till marriage, I don't hear a lot of that these days, some of us did make that decision and we haven't regretted it one bit..please don't yield to pressure.

Ok, if you're under 21 as you say, i'd say just take things easy, meet other people (although i met my husband when i was 19 in uni, we were in school together and we dated from our year 3 for 6 and half years till we got married)...

Thanks Writefreak. I hope I can stick to my promise and that I won't regreat it, I shouldn't! Boo actually tried to explain love to me with those same verses. 6.5 years? and you waited that long? Niceeee! We've heard it from a married person oh!

Love you all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Maiden

I still don't like the word 'maiden'...hehe. I'm getting used to it though.

I thesaurus-ed synonyms of 'virgin' and it came up and since my blog was just about the aspect of celibacy, love, guys and relationships, I stuck with the virgin theme hence Maiden!

Happy New Year everyone. I'm not a resolution maker but I've decided to work on my time management: there is a time to study, time to blog, time to watch tv, time to play and even more time to study (again).

My academics are definitely a priority this year 2009. I want spiritual growth in my relationship with God and want to have a better attitude towards/ relationship with other. I want my family to be closer. I adore my boo and want our relationship to be stronger and 'less distracting.' I need to manage my finances better, I want to travel more, exercise more, and explore more diverse subjects (contestants on Who wants to be a millionaire and Jeopardy didn't fall from the sky. Educate yourselves people).

I changed my template (wooohooo!) which deleted my blog list and counter (hisssss!) but its a New Year so what the heck? Embrace change. I'll re-do my blog listing.

Thank you all for reading my blog and supporting my decision of purity until marriage. I feel like I have a stronger support group on blogville than in 'reality' where folk don't talk about celibacy with pride. I will keep blogging and try and be more personal hopefully no one busts me with an 'I know you!' If anyone does, I'll....*&^%%$$##* ok, I'll just cry. So even if you think you know me, don't say.

My next post is on the L-word...LOVE!!

I think I need to love more and be less of a hater in 2009 (see, everyone is a hater in their own way trust me, I'm not a monster...hehe)

HAPPY NEW YEAR FULL OF GOD'S BLESSINGS!!! May we be blessed according to his will and live our lives to glorify him in every way possible.


Abuja Maiden.....ouch!