Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Maiden

I still don't like the word 'maiden'...hehe. I'm getting used to it though.

I thesaurus-ed synonyms of 'virgin' and it came up and since my blog was just about the aspect of celibacy, love, guys and relationships, I stuck with the virgin theme hence Maiden!

Happy New Year everyone. I'm not a resolution maker but I've decided to work on my time management: there is a time to study, time to blog, time to watch tv, time to play and even more time to study (again).

My academics are definitely a priority this year 2009. I want spiritual growth in my relationship with God and want to have a better attitude towards/ relationship with other. I want my family to be closer. I adore my boo and want our relationship to be stronger and 'less distracting.' I need to manage my finances better, I want to travel more, exercise more, and explore more diverse subjects (contestants on Who wants to be a millionaire and Jeopardy didn't fall from the sky. Educate yourselves people).

I changed my template (wooohooo!) which deleted my blog list and counter (hisssss!) but its a New Year so what the heck? Embrace change. I'll re-do my blog listing.

Thank you all for reading my blog and supporting my decision of purity until marriage. I feel like I have a stronger support group on blogville than in 'reality' where folk don't talk about celibacy with pride. I will keep blogging and try and be more personal hopefully no one busts me with an 'I know you!' If anyone does, I'll....*&^%%$$##* ok, I'll just cry. So even if you think you know me, don't say.

My next post is on the L-word...LOVE!!

I think I need to love more and be less of a hater in 2009 (see, everyone is a hater in their own way trust me, I'm not a monster...hehe)

HAPPY NEW YEAR FULL OF GOD'S BLESSINGS!!! May we be blessed according to his will and live our lives to glorify him in every way possible.


Abuja Maiden.....ouch!


~Sirius~ said...

Happy New Year Hon, and I Love your New look.

All those resolutions! Gee....
May the Good Lord give you the strength to follow them.

And Maiden doesn't sound so bad.....

Danny Bagucci said...

Happy new year "maiden".. Guess those of us dudes who went "the way of all flesh" secretly wish we'd had the guts and the gumption to stick it out.. At least I do.. So keep rocking it and ensure you and the boo do not get into anymore miscommunication issues this year.... (well we're all human beings so the're bound to occur anyways!)

Funms-the rebirth said...

Happy new year darling......... cant wait for ur next post

aloted said...

happy new year dearie...thanks for being a part of blogville..

May God grant u ur heart desires accordingly to his will in 2009

and keep up the good "maiden" is totally worth it :)

Sulihp said...

Have a Happy Happy New Year Darling....May God Grant You All The Good Things That You Deserve In This New Year.

Teeee said...

The pink and black is lovely. Happy New Year. Your name is fine - that's what makes your blog different. If you're really determined then you can realise your resolutions. God should be our priority because with that, everything will fall into place.

zara (my alter ego) said...

hope u stick to ur resolutions and it all works out! happy new year!


Happy New Year ms. maiden. =)

doug said...

"I changed my template (wooohooo!) which deleted my blog list and counter (hisssss!) but its a New Year so what the heck? Embrace change. I'll re-do my blog listing."

LOL. Sounded like you were tipsy when you wrote that.

Good luck with all your resolutions!


doll said...

happy new yr

'Yar Mama said...

Happy New Year.

Mista Jaycee said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year

soul child said...

hiiii...happy new year to you to...
i love ur's bold and i can relate to it....i really believe in the sex after marriage thing...most people mthink its just sex...its not about only d physical aspect...there has to be an emotinal connection too...d last time i said i would keep my self for marriage ...i was told i didnt have sense can u imagine....!
but i still stick to my decision because no matter what...because am d one that my choices would affect and nobody else...!
i pray God would would help u... !

Olufunke said...

Happy new year! I pray the new year would bring you to your dreams and desires.

I like your blog!
and I pray God would keep you and would crown your resolve to please Him with glory and hounour!

Its really worth it, waiting..and Keeping your head.

I know how difficult it is in todays' soceltiy, you cannt talk with pride about 'chastity' 'celibacy' and 'viriginity' with people.
I feel you jare
More grace! More power!
And dearie, 'Maiden' cool

tobenna said...

Have a fantastic year Maiden.

Sorry, just had to repeat that.
I like the sound of it.

Thanks for dropping by....
Off to review your entire 19 posts!

Tisha said...

happy for you.
i am really proud of you gal
hang in there
we need more like you.

Dee! said...

Happy New Year Maiden!

Anonymous said...


I just found this blog and we share the same goals for 2009 so will definitely be back to see how you're doing. I'm waiting till marriage too so would be glad to be part of your support network! Not that anyone else couldn't do it...

Happy New Year & Take Care!
Therapy x

yankeenaijababe said...

Happy New Year the layout. Been a while I came here. How have you been? Nice to read from you again....will be back.