Sunday, October 26, 2008


This is just like wearing a commitment, promise/purity or wedding ring. Only, its PERMANENT! It's not exactly PDA (public display of affection) but why do people go the whole length to tattoo each other on each other. Its cute when the relationship is alive but when it Kpemes/ fails, errrr, uncool!

When is so OUT THERE, and everyone asks you questions, you answer is plain PDA. Like putting pictures of couples in love on facebook when no one really needs to know. I'm not criticizing tattoos but sometimes being discreet about things as sensitive as relationships is the best thing.

Its like staying in a marriage because the ring cost six or seven digits. But you can resell the ring right? and make money but taking the tattoo off is expensive. Unless you're Angelina Jolie of course.

I know this girl who is/was dating this dude. Their pictures of facebook eh? As in cute couple-in-love. Love nwa-ti-ti, ifunanya. Just like my last post. Only for me to run across a photo with a BOLD tattoo on his arm with the girl's name. Not Mariah Carey's tiny 'Mrs Cannon' one but big but not as big as Nick Cannon's back the 'Mariah one or whatever it is, google it.'

Every comment was like 'cute,' 'awwww,' 'im jealous,' 'hawt' Oh facebook comments are a case, including mine

Lately, she's been partying hard courtesy of facebook, I know her routine. Lol! Stalker! Point is I never saw him in any the newest photos. Curious, I checked only to see 'SINGLE' on her profile status.

I wonder how much he paid to get the tattoo laser-ed off? If I were him I'll makeup until I find money. Lol!

The guy papa get moni so e be like say he fit move on jejely.

My amebo ways!

Will you tattoo ur boyfriend, girl friend, husband or wife's name or initials on your skin?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My boo...PDA

I miss him. We're not in the same town so there's a little bit of long distance relationship going on.

I'm constantly thinking of everyplace he's taken me, every time he's held me, everywhere he's kissed me, every awkward PDA moments we've had. The affordable long phone conversations.

I miss having a normal relationship but since when I was drawing a plan for my life right before Uni, a boyfriend wasn't included (but shit happened!), I'll embrace my 'in a relationship' facebook stats and make it work!

One third of the time, I thank God for the distance because at least the physical temptation part is reduced since we're not doing anything. And being in school we can focus on priorities. Will graduate soon by God's grace so till then...

Anyway, I hate walking alone down the street, in a park, at restaurant, cinema, even CHURCH and seeing those PDA (public display of affection) folks flirting, hugging, pecking, whispering all over the place. Especially the late-teens/ early twenties kinds (my age group of course). Am I supposed to jump off a cliff because I don't have a boo? At least I do but seriously I might start screaming at those folks-in-love "EH HEH!!! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND TOO HE'S JUST NOT AROUND!!!!"

In 9ja, some holidays ago we were together was all lovey-dovey touch, kiss, hug me(again i repeat its just PG rated). Lol! Then he carried me like those newly weds and was kissing me. First we noticed a lawn mower guy near by so he turned away to avoid being 'spotted' and the gist reaching 'gossip girl',Pheww, then some older men were approaching. He kukuma dropped me and session was over. Lol! I don't like sending a PDA impression.

Another time some couple was in the PDA vibe (me and boo were jejely just talking on a bench) when an older 'father' figure went and started blasting them with insults and told the girl were to sit rather than stand in front of the guy with his arms around her. Lol! I just burst out laughing.

As per, my long distance loneliness, What make this worse for me is facebook! Someone did a post on the pressure of getting married since every now and then one of her friends was either engaged or getting married via Facebook's stalker vehicle.

Since my own level is that of flings and relationships of university kids it the PICTURES that bother me. The pressure to be with someone just to add a album with is ON. As in who will sit and take pictures of you and you boo/boo-ess kissing, spooning, intensely grinding (show of affection? huh?) and WHY are you putting it on facebook? This specie of PDA is not coincidental because an effort was made to actually upload on facebook for 'all friends' to view and comment of course. Why can't the pics be your laptop or cellphone wallpaper or screen saver?

The worse is when they breakup and are too ashamed to take off the pictures. Imagine I went through this girl's facebook and there were like 50 pictures of her and her ex. FIFTY??? Now they are not together how will she start deleting 50 tagged pictures? And the boy can't delete the 'My girl' album he created with her as the subject of the photo shoot.

I actually like seeing that people are happy but when the relationship is not secured, wait before you bombard us with pictures then break up after we've finished drooling, praying and fasting for a boyfriend just to add a facebook album called "Mi amor" or something random like that.

Shit happens so I'm not faulting anyone. (Seriously!)

I'll probably be uploading photos of me and boo when we hit a funky anniversary and I know it's serious enough to share with the world and it won't be an album or 50pictures maybe 5. Lol!

Which is worse street/road side PDA or Facebook 'young folks dating' PDA?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The darker the berry

..the sweeter the juice.

I once worked in this place where I was the darkest-complexioned one around. My boss had this young guy cousin of hers who came around a lot and one day she sent me on an errand- assisting him during after-hours. Somehow, I was charming in the way I went about everything and he could see that I was a bit charismatic when I related with folks especially my older colleagues. He asked for my number and I hesitated saying I didn't give folks my number. His reply "there's always a first time."

I was dealing with a breakup that was in words but not actions especially since my ex and I talked almost everyday and even went on a date. (story for another day)

Imagine him thinking he could launch me. First time keh?. Lol! I had a little crush-attraction thing going on. he was quiet, quite classy and was Hausa. I have a weakness for quiet Northern boys. Lol! If I popped there was no stopping on this one.

Then I got a message in the evening "the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice, the darker the skin, the deeper the roots...then some African ski gist blah blah...guess who?"

I was 18. Whether I was flattered/melted or not I can't remember but I didn't reply the text. I knew if I did, I'll probably get hooked with back and forth messages (which by the way is my addiction of some sort..chatting).

The next day, in the course of work, I found out that he was the one who sent the message.

Since he seemed like a nice guy, I was attracted, and he was someone I would spend hours on the phone with, 'warning' alarms where all over my head.

He called later that day but I missed the call. I didn't call back. I so badly wanted to get to know this guy but my heart was still with my ex. I wanted to but didn't have the nerve to move-on. I was scared of jumping into something new because I didn't see this guy as a friend but as fling-material. And the religion factor, I'm all for long-term relationships not flings so him being a Muslim (and the drama that occurs with mixed-religious relationships), I didn't know how further on that would play if we actually worked out.

Every situation like this where guy meets me, we exchange numbers with the aim of being 'friends', chat and talk everyday, guy falls for me, I might have a crush on him but nothing more then I cut off the communication and become the bitch while he claims to be heartbroken.

In this instance, I was probably going to be the one to be bitched. Nemesis!!

I was just thinking ahead oh! What if he just wanted to add me to his list of Abuja girls? Or honestly just be friends? Or shag? Think of every 18 yr old with deep suspicion for every guy she comes across. I'm an emotional wreck so I think like CRAZY before leaping or 'popping.'

I sent him a text almost two weeks after, thanked him for complimenting my skin tone, asked who it was (like I didn't know) and apologized for not replying. I didn't get a reply (somehow I thanked God he wasn't serious about me and I wasn't breaking a heart.) Then I saw him when he came to see my boss. We said hi to each other and both pretended like we had never met or had a teeny-weeny attempted fling!

Why do I still remember him? I dunno!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sexy Virgins 3: Jonas Brothers

After the last VMA's host Russell Brand criticism of Jonas Brothers' wearing purity rings. I had a reason to like those boys. I haven't really listened to their music yet.

To Russell Brand, an avowed "sex addict", this is baffling. "They can have sex with any woman they want but they choose not to," he marvelled on stage. "That's like Superman deciding not to fly and to go everywhere by bus."

Its folks like this idiot that cause heartbreak for us ladies. Imagine using his status to shag handful of 'our fairer sex?' Mumu man! Screams TUFACE to me (Sorry to his baby mamas; Its the Russell syndrome).

Fortunately, his hosting was the WORST ever of VMA history so who's wright and wrong now?

The Jo-bros reacted with the comment rings are "a promise to ourselves and to God that we'll stay pure 'till marriage," and "it's [purity rings] pretty awesome, and the rings are just one of our ways of kind of like being different than everybody else out there."

Jordin Sparks supported them with her comment "I just wanna say, it's not bad to wear a promise ring because not every guy and a girl wants to be a slut, OK?" she told the audience.
The crowd cheered after.

Sales of Promise rings went up! Lol! Imma be getting mine pretty soon. (A post on that to come soon).

They are also Evangelical Christians (Pastor's children..hmm!) and abstain from tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Now all round perfection....Kinda! Don't need any pot-high, smoky-breath, drunk-ass puking BF. Gimme some Jonas please!!!

They are 21, 18 and 16.

Read more:

Thoughts anyone?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sexy Virgin 2: Julianne Hough

If you haven't heard of her, now you do. She's a professional ballroomdancer (popular as a defending Dancing with the Stars' champion) and just released a top chatting album making her a musician. ABC Julianne is the spokeperson for Wrigley's Juicyfruit chewing gum along side Chris Brown if you've seen the ad with a blonde girl similar to Chris' advert, then this is she.

I first heard about her on E! then started watching Dancing with the Stars and seeing her a lot more on TV...blah blah. Point is, she is still a virgin and is waiting till marriage (also refrains from drugs and alcohol). She was raised Mormon hence a religious reason for her decision but its cool to know another hawt person whose is waiting.

"I'm not trying to preach consequences here," Julianne adds, "but I think when you say no, down the line, it will be a better decision."

She's 20 years.

Virgin from Abuja.