Sunday, October 19, 2008

My boo...PDA

I miss him. We're not in the same town so there's a little bit of long distance relationship going on.

I'm constantly thinking of everyplace he's taken me, every time he's held me, everywhere he's kissed me, every awkward PDA moments we've had. The affordable long phone conversations.

I miss having a normal relationship but since when I was drawing a plan for my life right before Uni, a boyfriend wasn't included (but shit happened!), I'll embrace my 'in a relationship' facebook stats and make it work!

One third of the time, I thank God for the distance because at least the physical temptation part is reduced since we're not doing anything. And being in school we can focus on priorities. Will graduate soon by God's grace so till then...

Anyway, I hate walking alone down the street, in a park, at restaurant, cinema, even CHURCH and seeing those PDA (public display of affection) folks flirting, hugging, pecking, whispering all over the place. Especially the late-teens/ early twenties kinds (my age group of course). Am I supposed to jump off a cliff because I don't have a boo? At least I do but seriously I might start screaming at those folks-in-love "EH HEH!!! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND TOO HE'S JUST NOT AROUND!!!!"

In 9ja, some holidays ago we were together was all lovey-dovey touch, kiss, hug me(again i repeat its just PG rated). Lol! Then he carried me like those newly weds and was kissing me. First we noticed a lawn mower guy near by so he turned away to avoid being 'spotted' and the gist reaching 'gossip girl',Pheww, then some older men were approaching. He kukuma dropped me and session was over. Lol! I don't like sending a PDA impression.

Another time some couple was in the PDA vibe (me and boo were jejely just talking on a bench) when an older 'father' figure went and started blasting them with insults and told the girl were to sit rather than stand in front of the guy with his arms around her. Lol! I just burst out laughing.

As per, my long distance loneliness, What make this worse for me is facebook! Someone did a post on the pressure of getting married since every now and then one of her friends was either engaged or getting married via Facebook's stalker vehicle.

Since my own level is that of flings and relationships of university kids it the PICTURES that bother me. The pressure to be with someone just to add a album with is ON. As in who will sit and take pictures of you and you boo/boo-ess kissing, spooning, intensely grinding (show of affection? huh?) and WHY are you putting it on facebook? This specie of PDA is not coincidental because an effort was made to actually upload on facebook for 'all friends' to view and comment of course. Why can't the pics be your laptop or cellphone wallpaper or screen saver?

The worse is when they breakup and are too ashamed to take off the pictures. Imagine I went through this girl's facebook and there were like 50 pictures of her and her ex. FIFTY??? Now they are not together how will she start deleting 50 tagged pictures? And the boy can't delete the 'My girl' album he created with her as the subject of the photo shoot.

I actually like seeing that people are happy but when the relationship is not secured, wait before you bombard us with pictures then break up after we've finished drooling, praying and fasting for a boyfriend just to add a facebook album called "Mi amor" or something random like that.

Shit happens so I'm not faulting anyone. (Seriously!)

I'll probably be uploading photos of me and boo when we hit a funky anniversary and I know it's serious enough to share with the world and it won't be an album or 50pictures maybe 5. Lol!

Which is worse street/road side PDA or Facebook 'young folks dating' PDA?


aloted said...

first time here and i actually like the subject of what ur blog is about..."waiting till marriage" is totally the way to go and i admire you and ur boyfriend's decision..

all the best with the long distance is hard but can be done by God's grace.

will be back.

miz-cynic said...

yes o.u can do it dnt b derailed.pda,nice short form for public display of affection self i dey biff one guy n babe like dat.its like dy were sent 2 punish me 4 not having a boyfi

Twix! said...

Hillarious! Nice blog girl, im equally guilty of PDA o

doll said...

LMAO. This is so true

AlooFar said...

This is cool. Very cool.

zara (my alter ego) said...

FACEBOOK PDA!! serioulsi.. we dont need to know.. 'in a relationsjip' is ok.. no need for details.. there something called..'TOO MUCH INFO'! me and my friend were talkin about the same thing the other facebook is becoming something else..

LusciousRon said...

Very nice why do we fall into the trap of wanting to gloat all the time?

Thank God I have resisted all such temptations sha. Now that I am single again I am glad I never did any of those picture fb thing and my status was left as single.

aloted said...

You've received the "I love your blog" award. Please check my blog for more details


aww, that was a nice post. Those Facebook relationships are troubling to me. Too many people are in a relationship for one week then immediately, they are single.

As for PDA, I don't mind it when it is civil. But when girls are sitting on boys, and everyone is exchanging bodily fluids, it gets quite disgusting.

Take care!

Tina said...

I enjoyed reading your post. May God bless your relationship since you've both decided to honour Him through it.
FB can be funny, I can tell when a friend has argued with her man, the pic changes and so does the status. Ppl should give a relationship time to blossom before broadcasting it

Abujamaiden said...

Thanks for your comments.

Aloted: Thanks, by God's grace oh. This long distance thing get as e be.

Miz-cynic: I dare not be derailed.

Twix, Doll, Aloofar: Lol!

Luscious Ron, Solomonsydelle: Preach It!

Zara: True, no need for jara!


Tina: Amen!

wordsmith said...

lol. its so in since when did falling in love become a matter of keeping up with the joneses...but there's nothing like other ppl's PDA to remind you of what you may be missing even when you're otherwise happy lol

FFF said...

am actually into PDA. MM & i hold hands wen we r walking on d road. @ airports, we peck butnot all out kissing. but once we r indoors, be in someone's place or ours, we r on top-gear PDA. i think it's lovely. it's one of those things dat makes d relationship beautiful. they r d things dat keep u smiling after he's made u angry. awwwwww

my relationship/marriage is long distance too. well, it's always been long distance, so am sure to it. in fact, am more used 2 him not being around dan him being around, i wonder how i'd cope wen i finally relocate.

MM is d only person i put up on fb, & i only did so after we've gone some distance in our marriage talk. i ddnt want to publicize 2 d whole of d world & den start doing long explanation. abeg, i no get dat kain energy

Rita said...

I feel you on the PDA thing...

You seem to be handling the relationship thing well. If I had this maturity while dating I'm sure I would have been better with relationships. and fresh post...

Sulihp said...

i feel you, i'm in long distance relationship too, and my sister mehn we need awards because no be small know that you are not alone when it come to hating on all these people that think they are the only ones that can love, i always have to restrain myself from running over and knocking their heads

~Sirius~ said...

Ok, Relationship & Facebook= Disaster. It's overated. 5 pictures is cool enough, but an album, come on.... y do they do that?

You really miss your other half, long distance is pretty hard but you sound like you're doing good, just hang in there, it's only a matter of time.
Pda's nice, most of us just love attention and affection, I'm really shy I don't know if i can handle being carried, the occasional kiss on the forhead and hands on my lower back is just for the gist reaching gossip girls, that's funny....what would Blair think??

Oracle said...

You seem to be suffering from or enjoying as the case may be a sickness called "LOVE". Itz like a virus, it gets into your head, then your heart and slowly it gets hold of your whole body. Medically we have not discovered any cure for the ailment. But those who have been in this condition either lived with it or walked away.

It was however noticed that some victims actually enjoy this mind clouding, heart capturing, mental condition which makes thinking straight very difficult.

We are still working tirelessly to get a cure to this disease, a fellow scientist said there might be no cure.
So where do you stand?
Do you enjoy this madness or do you wanna walk away?

Abujamaiden said...

FFF: So true until the relationship is concrete can facebook pda be tolerated.

Sulihp: An award goes to you then. I hope mine works out!

Sirius: I'm also shy outside too thats why during outdoor lovey dovey moments, I'm sensitive to anyone watching! We don't do indoors before something happens and I'll have to end 'virgin' blogging all together!

Oracle: LOVE???? (Gulp!) I won't call it love because at my age 19/20? hmmmm!!!! But as for the cure, there shouldn't be a cure for love seriously, it needs to infect more people!

Lolia said...

omigosh lol I can't stop laughing because I used to be so mad when my boyfriend was away and all these PDA people would be hugging and kissing and holding hands all around me with reckless abandon LOL

Loved the post x

yankeenaijababe said...

You have been tagged to join the pinksisterhood (All about breast cancer awareness for women). We need to preach the word to more women out there. Check it out! later.

Anonymous said...

You're nt the only one feelin all lovey dovey & ish o... we are in the same position mehn. long distance takes wrk. at least you have cheap fne calls t take advantage off, mine's across d border... hehe

I get very tempted t show off my pics on facebook mehn... but sum tymz, d less shared d betta!hehe

Doja said...

Your boyfriend must be very patient...good. said...

Hello there!

I found out about your blog from Aloted!!


I will be visiting often!

Please feel welcome to stop by my blog anytime and share!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Buttercup said...

Aww sorry bout the distance! It'll only make u appreciate eachother more n yea, u said its helpin with ur abstinence..u see, theres always some positive in what might come across as negative!

I wont lie, i was the PDA type with my exes, nothin overly disgustin tho...since one of my bfs n i broke up, i havnt done the PDA thing on fb, my relationship status is permanently on 'single'!

Lady Koko said...

BUHAHAHAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS HILARIOUS SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING OOOOO....FEW DAYS AGO....THE worst one is when they change their status to SINGLE and evryone is commenting on it....!"ahn ahn why now" ..."what....CALL ME" ......."WHO DUMPED WHO???? CALL ME TOO OOOO" IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!! BUHAHAHHHAHA!!!!!!!!!


it aint my fault if i ind sooo irresistable sexxxy and cant keep ,my hands off! hehe

MA PARENTS ARE COOL WIV IT THO! *they do their own and we dnt talk*

crzkay029 said...

you really need to spell check and edit before you post, cause reading your blog, i get the impression that you are a 'razzite' who can't speak english and just recently discovered the term PDA. by the way, there is no such thing as 'public display of affection folks..'

Abujamaiden said...
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Abujamaiden said...
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miz-cynic said...

Pls dnt mind d iritant jare.shes jst jobless n cramping ur styl