Saturday, November 8, 2008

Breaking up!

I told y'all I always feel like breaking up with boo even though we seem perfect its 6 days a week of being wonderful and that one day. My old posts on him:

I'll tell him to call me when he's online so we can chat being cheaper than calling since we love to talk for hours. He'll be online and not call. Then I see he's even changed his facebook profile.
Or he won't call when he can't make it. I just sign out and do my school work and pretend like it never happened. Or I'll ask him about it and honestly, I can't remember any of his responses.

Or he'll remember he had to go to church or see someone or run an errand for his mum. I really trust him. At least he begs me to and I try.

It's like standing up someone, not showing up to a date, hanging up the phone on someone you say you care about.

He has been doing this since the first time we were together, when we broke up and now we're back together. I left him the first time because of this. We made up months after with him promising it will be different this time.

I know he cares about me but why would he keep doing something he knows I hate and upsets me very much. I hung up on him now but when I tried calling either his battery died and he fell asleep or he switched off. Even if I did something wrong by hanging up, he hurt me and I never hurt him. If I was a guy, I promise you, I will be to-die-for because I really try for boo.

He always says he'll never hurt me, never wants to hurt me and is scared of hurting me. (Did i just make sense?)

My eyes are red and sore, I'm crying and I HATE this. I really wish I didn't like any one its annoying. If I leave him, I'll feel even worse (been there done that) because the moment he claims he's changed I'll go back to him.

We'll probably make up and next week I'll be posting about how awesome our relationship is (I already did a post on Love! Lol!).. I don't know.

Maybe I'm overreacting. There's a lot of good to this guy but THIS is what ticks me off.

I'm currently still trying to call him but its not going through and its 1am in his time zone. My eyes are still sore. I'm gonna eat pizza now, then ice-cream. If I drank, I would have been gone by now.

I want to like text break up or send a miserable message but I don't want him to react the wrong way.

What should I do?


Sulihp said...

Everything you've wrote here you should either tell him or send in a na e-mail or facebok message...let him know exactly how you fell(4get pride, all it does is hurt. how angry you get, because you trust him to do this for you, because he PROMISED. how it may seem like a small thing to him but its an issue that carries a lot of weight for you. you're not asking too much, why is it so ahrd for him to give, what happens when you as for more than this? you know? just let him know how it hurts and how you love your relationship. nothing is perfect but it takes effort from both parties to make what you have work...goodluck love, i hope he comes to his senses

Sulihp said...

i meant "everything you wrote here" :-)

Abujamaiden said...

Lol! Thanks so much! It seems like a little issue but its built up over years now.

Sulihp said...

my dear no matter how little it is, it upsets you, and it ios not impossible for him to try to change so you have a right to complain about it. mine is the fact that i hate when i'm talking to him and he puts me on hold or starts to talk to someone in the background...i absolutely hate took awhile to get him to understand that evn tho it dint make sense to him, it really drove me up the wall and he had make the effort...kai its not such a hard thing...

Beyond said...

long distance is crazy n i understand aw big this kinda of issue can be cos am in one myself....same use to happen till i brought it up with mine....the argument got to a stage he thought i was trying break up with him n i was crying cos all i wanted to do was make him realise aw expensive calling is n aw much we need to communicate since we are doing long distance....We both had to calm down n talk about we have a schedule of when we have to meet online weekly n if either can't make it u have to call the other n let them know....and that doesn't replace calling....

so i will advice that u give him some time to calm down n do same too..... then y'all should talk about it n figure out what will work best for boith of you....

yankeenaijababe said...

I actually read the links twice. I hope you feel better tonite. Don't want you crying. I am really sorry about it. both need to settle things out. I know he loves you. Just a little misunderstand to me. Take heart, talk to him one on one on the phone or when you see him next. He seems to be the shy type. Be strong.

yankeenaijababe said...

you can work out the long distance relationship thingy. I would give you some tips to working it out. Cheers sister.

Anonymous said...

noooooooo.... as in dnt be such a haste to break up with him. i perfectly understand your situation as am going through something similar. I just think both of you need to be on the same page and have some kinda understanding. obviosuly you were very emotional at the time of this post and you need to chill down for a bit so wont do something rash ok?when you do get to him or send him a message I hope you talk about the whole thing honestlyk what you don't like and how it makes you feel and stuff. wish you the best, kipin my fingers crossed for ya!


Funms said...

hun, i feel ur pain. its hard when its someone u really care about and since u said u broke up for the same reason earlier, dont u think he'd never change? dont be hasty about decisions, we dont make the best when emotional and upset. try to take ur mind off him by hanging out with friends or go see a movie or something and tomorrow morning when u feel a bit better, think things thru. call him and explain how ur feeling to him, let him know he's really hurting u......... his response will tell u something...... sorry luv, plenty hugs

thanx for stopping by my blog..... :)

yankeenaijababe said...

Tips for Surviving Long Distance Relationships
1)Communication is the key factor in any long distance relationship. Make up your own fun schedule depending on the relationship. It could be morning or nite time to call each other.
2)Ensure you send emails,text messages, jokes, pictures to enrich the relationship
3) Send e-card
4) Do something surprising for them via the post office
5)Keep listening, smile and support one another no-matter the distance
6)Yahoo messenger is another alternative, make use of all the funny audibles and emoticons. It sure does help spice up a relationship
7)Talk nutty on the phone
8)Use a webcam sometimes
9)Send a funny picture to them wearing their favorite item
10)Pray together as a couple, tell each other your fears and keep sparks alive
11)Avoid negative friends and people who don't have a good feel about long distance relationship

Abujamaiden said...

So I partied y'all just got back. I tried calling him but I'll wait till tomorrow. Thanks you for your messages. If not for blogville, where will I get all this love and encouragement. Each of you is a gem, I'm grateful.

I'll bring myself together and confront him with the situation on the phone.

YNC- Thanks for the Long distance tips!


MissLove said...

Someone I can relate with!!! I broke up with my ex bcos of this whole communication thing...he claims he looves me but wouldnt call and give me all the attention i need...but urs seems really sweet...anger is good when we can control it...just dont do anything drastic baby...have u tried controlling urself by not calling him often? its really hard i know...hugs n kisses

flabby said...

LOL..u know? i know exactly hw u feel. im doing that lnd distance thing(hence my post on hw annoying it is)..and i let it go like every single day!!..and then start again the next day..the thing is that..things always seem terrible wen they r happening and even when ur so sure that it was him that did something retrospect..u start thinking that maybe it was ur fault..ull get over it(like u said)

For the love of me said...

Do talk it over with him first, communication achieves a lot, another thing I've realised works, do the same to him. When he is wearing the shoes, he would know how much it pinches. All the best

Buttercup said...

Awww..sorry for all the cryin..

U shud tell him EXACTLY how u feel, dont mince words..he has to understand that hes causin u hurt..he has to see what hes doin to u..if possible, send him a pic of ur puffy, red eyes(lol)..

Hang in there babe!

Black Berry said...

i have updated o!

aaaw..i get wen u say its a build up of its obviously not just a single argument getting you down?? u love ur hang in there k??


Danny Bagucci said...

Hmm.. Agree explicity with all other folks have said.. Give the dude a chance to understand the issues you have and take it from there... Good things do not come easy they say... And often its the little issues that build up and break good relationships if they are allowed to build up (i've been there and i know... ).

~Sirius~ said...

unanimous vote here, so I guess you know what to do now....take it easy though, no need to beat your self up over a man.