Sunday, November 9, 2008

Update: Break up!

So I called him.

He didn't think anything went wrong. He had switched off his phone because someone had been disturbing him with text messages I thought he was angry I hung up but he was dead sleepy (it was like 12am). He was also online for five minutes to 'get' something (hmmm) thats why he changed his facebook profile but didn't see the need to call me and chat 'cause he had to be home. I still wish he called me to say he couldn't make it (even though he only told me he'll call me if he could).

Imagine? I'm either crazy overeacting or something. After I cried like a pro-mourner. Lol!

I'll work on fixing my tendency to misinterpret things and jump straight into frustration.

Our conversation was fun (like I didn't call him with a purpose) but I made sure I told him why I called. It wasn't as deep as I wanted it to be but it helped a bit. Miscommunication is a beeyatch.

Boo has been going through a lot of stuff he doesn't really want to tell me about. I know a few, (family issues and more) but he promises that with time, I'll understand why it seems like he's not making an effort. He asked for time oh!

I told him I hated feeling like the clingy one since I called him more than he called me. He said he didn't think I was clingy but still sha, though I'm a feminist, I believe he wears the pants and I the skirt so.....

@Yankee Naija Babe, I'll forward your tips on long distance dating to him maybe in some weeks time.

I forgot to add that he didn't say sorry. He didn't think he did anything wrong but I text him to say I wish he said he didn't want to hurt me intentionally (he always apologizes but still,...)

After I text him (which I just did), I'll call him to wish him a great week. Then, I'll pretend I have more homework and term papers to keep my mind off him.

Conclusion: I'll call him less. It's even not economic to be calling every second since we're not engaged or married. I even work and extra job to fund my paycards (not my parents money. Lol!) but I could use that money for some retail therapy so I'll cut down on my effort so he'll step up.

I pray he gets over all the issues soon. I want my boo back!

Long distance relationships are crazy huh? Still good and bad to it but Thank God for his mercies.


P.s. we didn't break up. Its just circumstances but were are working on fixing them and we're young so I'm trying to be optimistic now but I'm not really. :)


Sulihp said...

i think i shud follow ur footsteps in the phonecard issue...and i love u tooooooo...stay strng sister

MissLove said...

HOPE u try to call him so u can shop 4 me too lol...why did God make girls sooo emotional! :(

yankeenaijababe said...

I hope you did not just break up with him. If you did abujamaiden, you just broke my heart too. You both sound like a lovely couple and can work things out.

Ignore his calls for sometime but later he would be the one to miss ya so much and call ya. Then you both can work things out. My boyfriend and I are kinda of in a long-distance relationship at the moment.He is in Pharmacy school in a different place far off from me. I am in school too hoping to graduate in June. We use those tips I gave you before to keep in touch. Long-distance relationship is so freaking hard but you can work things out. Serious!!! I don't want you to break up.

Retail therapy sounds awesome but who would be there for you when you are down? Who brightens your face when you look at his picture? He is far away. Yes but how was he to you when he wasn't far away. He might be stressed out for some reasons unknown to you. I think you both will be fine once both of you are done with skool. Trust my words on that. You would both look back and tell yourself. We worked it out. Relationships can be stressful. It is the hard and stressful times that show us if we have tolerance, hope and trust. I love ya girl. Give him some time and things will be fine. You know I care about ya happiness. I took my time to write this. Later.

Abujamaiden said...

Suliph: Buy only cheap cards and If boo ain't reciprocating join me and reduce the phone calls and save money (for Misslove!)

Misslove: If I call him, I'll be using minutes and there'll be no money for us to spend oh! Lol!

YankeeNaijaBabe: You are just one word. AWESOME! Hopfully we'll look back shey? We are still young so I hope time fixes the situation. I'll wait till he's sorted with everything (family issues) maybe som weeks and send him that list. I send him stuff in the mail but he doesn't seem to get it. Lol!

Danny Bagucci said...

Good to now that "pragmatic elvel headedness" prevailed over emotional reaction... Happy u guys are working out the issues.. Time is critical of course.. Ciao

Anonymous said...

Awww... good thing you did not kill yourself crying. He better sort out his issues and not be killing my girl like that. You sound cute, I hope you don't break up for good else he'll just be a jerk

MissLove said...

oh i actually meant not to call him lol! yes save save save up!

Tina said...

BlogsvilleLove frm LDN. I can totally understand you but sometimes we need to be rational. Absence will make your hearts grow fonder - just remind him that he has you (in relation to his personal issues). You could give him space...he'll notice the difference and miss you even more!!!!

Abujamaiden said...

I'm the only one who's always getting upset over the long distance relationship (I'm the insecure one right?).

He said he's adjusting to the distance but I'm busy worried looking for ways to substitute hiss absence with stuff like webcamming and posting cute cards (gay!). He appears like he doesn't see the need (he's adjusting. Na wa!).

I've started my ignoring stunt. We'll see how much he misses me and if he 'ups' his game. My last convo with him was about one guy that has had a crush on me for like3 yrs now and always send me messages.

I hope boo got the point (race is on! Lol!) He better call me 'cause I'm not calling him soon! Will update y'all!

Kisses for the the chicas and hugs for Danny Bagucci!

aloted said...

read ur previous post but thot to check the update before commenting.

glad to hear u are back on course....

YNB's tips for LDR say it all..

all the best girl

FFF said...

lol. lovers tiff. i wish i could replay some of d lovers tiff i have with MM & hear just how petty i must ound 2 myself. love oh love. it's all good. relax love. e go better soonest

miz-cynic said...

babe already hvn lovers tiff wth dis my new bobo.i thnk we women r either 2 emotional or 2 dramatic.i cald he dnt pik.i swear he must cal 5times b4 i pik o.pshewww...ah it was dis same pshewww dat got me into trouble.odabo.

flabby said...

see?theres always a logical explanation!

Danny Bagucci said...

hmmm -- sorry o... which one come be "lovers tiff"? (we who are uninitiated need to be prepared for when the one comes along u know)

dScR?Be said...

mehnn.. i feel like i'm reading what i would have written but for denial... I envy u, kinda!

Love ur blog